The hgcdte electron avalanche photo diode datasheet

Hgcdte diode

The hgcdte electron avalanche photo diode datasheet

The hgcdte electron avalanche photo diode datasheet. At higher datasheet bias voltages when the diode is fully depleted the gain is entirely due to the electron avalanche effect. A Theoretical Model for the HgCdTe Electron Avalanche Photodiode A new model for avalanche build- hgcdte up of carriers in a SAGCM avalanche photodiode Avalanche photodiode A User Guide -? rity of, linear- mode photon hgcdte counting with the HgCdTe electron- initiated avalanche photodiode is presented. hgcdte In DRS fabricated an datasheet experimental 2 9 8 array with ( 64 lm) 2 pixels hgcdte which enabled for the first time linear- mode photon counting datasheet by use hgcdte of the MWIR datasheet cutoff HgCdTe electron- initiated ava- lanche photodiode. Abstract An overview of recent improvements in our understanding of the maturity of, linear- mode photon counting with the HgCdTe electron- initiated avalanche photodiode is presented.
HgCdTe avalanche photodiodes: A review High gain datasheet a low excess noise factor close to unity, above 5× 10 3, , MWIR, fast response in the range of pico- seconds has been achieved by electron- initiated avalanche multiplication for SWIR, , THz gain- bandwidth product LWIR detector applications involving low optical signals. The APD gain shown in Figure 5 was normalized to one at a bias voltage of 0. 7 capacitance the avalanche effect on the gain at moderate bias voltages. Abstract Under a hgcdte current award, NASA NNX 13AC13G " EXTENDING THE ASTRONOMICAL APPLICATION OF PHOTON COUNTING HgCdTe LINEAR datasheet AVALANCHE PHOTODIODE ARRAYS TO LOW BACKGROUND SPACE OBSERVATIONS" UH has used Selex SAPHIRA 320 x electron 256 MOVPE L- APD HgCdTe arrays developed for Adaptive Optics ( AO) wavefront ( WF) sensing to investigate the potential of this technology for low background space astronomy.

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com Avalanche photodiode 4 A P P L I C A T I O N N O T E Photon Counting 100 One of the key parameters to consider when selecting an APD is the detector' s spectral noise. to produce further electron- hole pairs, and this process repeats itself. Avalanche multiplication Gain proportional to the applied reverse bias voltage can be obtained. P+ P- P High voltage N+ Avalanche layer KAPDC0006EC Si APD ( avalanche photodiode). Abstract: HgCdTe electron avalanche photodiodes ( e- APDs) have been widely used for low- flux and high- speed application. To better understand the dark current transport and electron- avalanche mechanism of the devices and optimize the structures, we performed accurate numerical simulations of the current- voltage characteristics and multiplication factor in planar homojunction ( p- i- n) HgCdTe APDs.

the hgcdte electron avalanche photo diode datasheet

electron) may trigger an avalanche pulse which discharges the photodiode from its reverse voltage VR to a voltage slightly below VBR. The probability of this avalanche occurring is shown in Figure 8 as the " Photoelectron Detection Probability" and as can be seen, it increases with reverse voltage VR.